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Sareta Designs specializes in the processing of vintage kimonos dated between the 1930’s and 1950’s.  This means some kimonos are pre-WWII.  Due to the delicate nature of the kimonos, a multistep process is used.  First, kimonos are broken down half way so that the interior of the garment is separated from the exterior.  Both are then aired out for 1-2 weeks to

remove any lingering mothball odors.  Afterwards,

the kimono is fully broken into individual

components, steamed, and pressed flat. 


Red kimono with flower and bird pattern
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A red and white kimono with a beautiful traditional design of flowers.

                           The entire process can take up to

 a month depending on weather and the strength of the odor. 

       Vintage kimonos are typically overdyed and thus not washed as a part of the processing.  Traditionally, kimonos were broken down, hung on a rod, and placed in the river which would then carry the excess dye down the river.  Once washed, the kimonos would be dried and then overdyed.  Due to the high risk of inadvertently dying and destroying the kimono in the process, Sareta Designs does not wash its kimonos prior to use. 

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